This production line is suitable for GRC wall panel, gypsum wall panel, magnesite wall panel, compound wall panel, sandwich wall panel and other materials wall panel.

1、Vertical molding machine matched with integral tube drawing machine; automatic core tube cleaning; vibration grouting molding; alarm system, automatic tube drawing after final setting;

2、Production line adopts hydraulic power control system and electric control system with high degree of mechanization;

3、Continuous fiber-glass mesh setting with accuracy and uniform protective layer thickness make thermal insulation performance stronger and the wall panel produce prestress so as to save material and improve the quality of the wall panel;

4、Strong molding chamber structure rigidity with high molding accuracy; the equipment is equipped with positioning system with precise thickness and good flatness; the wall panel produced has a good seismic performance, light quality and high strength;

5、Automatic temperature control; self electric heating, steam heating or water heating; fast wall panel molding with short maintenance cycle;

6、Hydraulic opening-closing mold with simple operation and high efficiency;

7、The equipment has mature technology with stable reliability and durability;

8、The equipment is multi-functional and the thickness and length of the wall panel is adjustable. Assembly line process is adopted for the entire units with annual production capacity of 2 million ㎡.

9、Plastic core tube; free of flushing; electric tube drawing without time restriction.

10、Automatic opening and closing mould; automatic temperature control.

11、Low cost, simple operation and easy maintenance.

12、Large mechanical rigidity; high precision, accurate thickness and good flatness of the double-sided molding.

13、Less manual work; covering small area; flexible; can be used in the production site.

14、Thickness and length are adjustable; the equipment is multifunctional and wall panel with specification of 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm and 180mm can be produced.

15、We provide one-stop services of technology, formula, installation construction technology, technical inspection data, certificate and factory founding. This equipment has passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal and has been classified as promotional products.

Investment analysis:
Factory establishment condition of lightweight wall panel production line with an annual output of 120000 m²(90mm wall panel as an example)
1. Area covered: 4000 m², workshop:6000 m².
2.Costs of water and electricity: the comprehensive cost is 0.20 yuan/m².
3. Employees: 6.
Economic indicators:
1. Total investment: 200000 yuan
2. Unit cost: 20 yuan/m²(mesh is 1.7 yuan; cement, perlite and coal ash are total 16 yuan; chemical additives is 0.1yuan; management fees and taxes are 0.5 yuan; labor cost is 1.5 yuan; water and electricity cost is 0.2 yuan). 3. Market reference price:40 yuan /m²
4. Annual output: 40 yuan/m²x120000m²=4.8 million yuan.
5. Profit per square metre:40 yuan/m²-20yuan/m²=20 yuan
6. Annual sales profit:20 yuan/m²x120000m²=2.4 million yuan

Salient Features:
  • Simple installation with unskilled workers
  • Moisture, Rot & Mold resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Controlled Concrete Quality at 30 - 45N/mm2
  • 92mm and 120mm thickness of finished Walltec partition wall compared to 150mm of brick wall with plaster on both sides.
  • 20% cost saving for the builder compared to brick/block masonry and plaster
  • 50% Time saving for the builder compared to brick/block masonry and plaster
  • Lower overall cost of finished wall and longer life cycle of product.
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