The equipment can produce water resistant and high-strength gypsum hollow wall panel and gypsum block by using natural gypsum, desulfurization gypsum or phosphogypsum and solved the technical problems of low strength and poor water resistance of gypsum products. International testing proves that the patent TYS-08 gypsum wall panel molding machine (every time can produce four thickness adjustable wall panels at the same time) is international initiative.

1. The patent TYS-08 hydraulic automatic driving gypsum wall panel molding machine combines the advantages of domestic similar products and learns from the advanced technology of German gypsum wall panel equipment and has solved the current disadvantages of high density, low strength, poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance. The product performance has reached the international advanced level of similar products.

2. The equipment is a high-tech patent product forming four or more than four pieces at a time with raw material automatic metering to ensure the quality of the wall panel.

3. The equipment is multi-function and can produce 60mm, 90 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, and 180 mm type wall panel according to the order requirement.

4. Hydraulic opening and closing mould; automatic tube rotating, tube drawing and tube cleaning.

5. Mould automatic moving reduces the labor intensity.

6. Equipped with alarm system and automatic tube drawing after the final set.

7. The whole production line covers an small area with convenient operation, high production efficiency, daily output of 300-900 ㎡ and annual output of 20-300000 ㎡.

8. The equipment is made of international high quality materials with good flatness, adjustable length, zero defect, non-deformation and durability.

9. We provide the technology formula of high-strength water resistant gypsum wall panel and gypsum block and we also provide one-stop service for production project of the users to ensure the production of qualified products.

Gypsum wall panel is the composite of natural gypsum, desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum as the main raw materials and a variety of inorganic materials. This material is featured by light weight, high strength, fire insulation, sound insulation, low breakage rate, easy installation, fast construction speed, no limitation of wall height, reduction of labor intensity and decrease of wet construction. In the construction, the gypsum wall panel as internal partition wall board can reduce the building dead weight, save steel, cement, increase the usable area, reduce the project cost and improve the building seismic grade. This product is environmental protection product without any harmful elements with respiratory function to adjust the indoor humidity and enhance the body's immune ability. Gypsum wall panel is the substitute product for clay brick and the most ideal new building materials in the world nowadays.

Feasibility of economic analysis:
  • Good policy: recycling waste, saving soil, environmental protection, enjoy national duty-free policy.
  • Good water resistance:conversion coefficient≥0.6 (national standard)
  • Good sound insulation: airborne sound insulation index≥42dB(national standard)
  • Good strength: compressive strength is higher than 3.5 Mpa (national standard)
  • Good crack resistance: drying shrinkage value≤0.6(national standard)
  • Good fire resistance: fire resistance limit reached more than 3.5 hours
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